I've seen quite a few slow-motion CGI kill shots in my life, really. That's part of what it is to play a game featuring guns, in the modern era: you take a shot, and you spend a moment with time slowing around you, watching blood and bone part ways.

Max Payne 3 brings the artistry of murder to a strangely poetic new level. Final Killcam and Last Man Standing modes create violent cut-scenes for certain key kills. During these, the player has the choice to slow time—watching the scene play out in all its grisly gory. You could even call it hypnotic (our reviewer did).

Kotaku video man Chris Person wanted to see what happened when you held time for as long as you could; these are his results. There's a lot of blood (like, a lot), and yet the deaths, in such slow motion, look strangely artistic. Especially when set to music.