Master Chief's Dancing Spartan Parade

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This was from Philadelphia's 2010 Mummers Parade. We post it not because we've developed a sudden interest in choreographed parade dance routines, but because we have an interest in 17 Spartans from Halo performing a choreographed parade dance routine.


Reader Justin was on the scene to capture the moment with his camera. Thanks Justin!

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I saw the brightly colored Spartan Suits and I knew at once this was going to be about the Mummers.

I'm almost never impressed with their show and I honestly think it's a waste of time to go down to two street (yes, the residents call it that.... Not second street, but two street. I think they are morons... Then again they showed up on an insanely cold and windy day to see a mediocre dance show so I can't be too far off in my assessment) to see what amounts to a lame excuse to get drunk in public (coincidentally it's a predominantly Irish Neighborhood, make of that what you want).

Some of them are good, but overall the parade underwhelms me. It's mostly just bright colors moving around the street so that you have something to look at while drinking.

As you can see from the primary color spartans twirling about pathetically, this isn't something to get excited about.