Massive - DirectX10 Effects Possible On Consoles

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If you've got the time and the resources, your console game can look pretty damn close to its DirectX10-enabled PC counterpart. This from Massive Entertainment's VP of Development Peter Sydow in an interview with in which he discusses development of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of World In Conflict.

Yeah, at this point we've managed to replicate some of the effects, but I don't know what features will make it into the final release. Nearly all of our DX10 features are possible to do on the consoles if you give it enough time and resources, so we'll keep on working on them and see what happens.


See Funcom? Even the console developers can do it!

World in Conflict Interview [ - Thanks David!]

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@somarix: They may run slow on current hardware,but things can only get better. At the moment, creating dynamic geometry can be slow, like in the nvidia cascades demo, but you can still use them for other things. ive not seen any numbers on performance, but 3 seems awfully low to me.

Instancing as standard is a good point too. yes you can do it on dx9, but then you need one shader to do it with an nvidia card, one for ati cards, if your releasing on xbox that needs a different one too. i think the ps3 graphics chip is more of a standard nvidia part than the xboxs ati chip, so that might beable to use the same one as the pc, but i digress, the point is you have to devlop, test and maintain tonnes of different rendering code paths there. its not fun :P

Yes, you can produce direct x 10 class graphics on consoles and on xp pcs, but then again, i would argue that its alot easier to up the graphics on a console game than on a pc game, you have one hardware profile to optomise for and you know how its going to run, with pcs you get all kinds of weird things going on.

XP can do it too, just not as efficiently. dx1 uses vistas new driver model, yes you could say thats an artificial barrier, but i dont realy thing it is. if you want dx10 on xp, and read that as shader profile 4, bully as many things as you can to work in dx9 mode less efficiently, or try and find an opengl extension that lets you use your geo shader. Yes its more of an evolution than a revolution, but it really annoys me when people say its pointless and what not. i should stop rambling