Mass Effect On PS3? BioWare Says No

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We were inundated with tips this week about supposed "proof" that code found within Mass Effect 2 on PC "confirmed" the presence of a PS3 version of the game. It does not.

Seeking to clarify the situation, a statement on BioWare's forums reads:

The Unreal Engine is cross platform, hence the PS3 code. This was brought up back in Mass Effect 1 days as well.

Mass Effect is for the PC and Xbox 360.


Lockdown indeed. If you check the code for other Unreal Engine games - like Gears of War - you'll find the same thing.


Nothing to see here, people.

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I obtained a copy of Mass Effrect 2 for the pc yesterday and so far its been excellent, however I've not played the first so I feel as I've missed out and I'm wondering whether I should continue,or get a copy of the first game and play it through.

I agree that exclusivity is a major reason to want to buy a console, however being cross platform (xbox and pc) I'm finding it hard to find an xbox exclusive these days, Gears 2 and Halo 3 being exceptions (although I suspect that this won't last for long PC users).

Microsoft have the funding to do pretty much anything, they need an in house game developer, buying DLC and exclusivity deals don't cut the mustard, they are too temporary.