Mass Effect Cosplay: A New Challenger Enters

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Less than 24 hours after posting the Mass Effect Comic-Con cosplay clip, we already have a serious competitor for the title of "Best Mass Effect Cosplay In The Universe".


Evil FX, a freelance special effects artist, is currently building two Commander Shepard suits, one male, one female. And while they're unfinished, they're already displaying a level of authenticity and build quality that wouldn't look out of place in a Mass Effect movie.


You can see the male version up top, while the female one is below. Man, it even looks somewhat comfortable...


Illustration for article titled Mass Effect Cosplay: A New Challenger Enters

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Jane Justice

Seeing as I am the Chick in the suit, I'm coming here to defend myself and David. #1. I'm 38, so to a 20 year old I may look old. #2 Yes, I'm a mom and my kid thinks I'm pretty damn cool for a mom. I bet your mom wouldn't want to dress up in armor and kick someone's ass! #3 This suit is very accurate to the game. David is a consumate professional who likes to use innovative materials. He makes things out of his love and passion, not for competition. The suit is not finished or painted yet. Sure, it looks like foam now, but resin and fiberglass look just like a shell before finishing. It takes just as much skill and creativity to work with this material. I've tried to use it myself with so-so results, but David's skills are outstanding and meticulous. Even professionals on the RPF are impressed with this project. This armor is flexible, lightweight and meant to wear for 10-12 hours at a time. You cannot wear fiberglass or casted materials for that long without suffering pinching and pain, and the weight is atrocious. As for the size of the armor, go back and play the game and do your own research. this is fairly accurate to the size of the armor in the screen shots. Sizing armor on woman is much more difficult than for men's armor. Women have curves, men do not. The hate spewed on here is completely juvenile and in my opinion totally retarded. I want to know how many of you create something on a daily basis? Do you Have a passion to make things? Can you think outside "the Box"? Most likely, very few of you know how to, or would even attempt a project like this. And those who also hate on Holly's work can bite me. She shares our love and passion and is a cool-ass chick. Fem-shep rules!