Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer Turns You into Part of Shepard’s Kick-Ass Strike Team

It was kind of surprising that Mass Effect 3's multiplayer looked better than expected. But this trailer makes it look like must-play content. You'll see the various races of BioWare's sci-fi universe playing through skirmishes as several classes, with missions that appear to happen all over the galaxy. Does this make you more excited or less for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer?




I'm amazed by what Thorn14 considers an RPG. I'm in the exact opposite camp.

To me, Pure RPG's are Sandbox RPG's. Fallout, Elder Scrolls, stuff like that, stuff where YOU define the character and YOU make the decisions, where YOU play the role. Hence role playing game. You determine which direction the story goes, just like the Tabletop RPG's the name comes from.

To that extent, Mass Effect is definitely an RPG. You make the dialog choices, YOUR shepard is YOUR shepard and will never be 100 percent the same as anyone else's, as long as you don't go with the default look and strict paragon-only dialogue choices like a robot.

Now, I would go further to say that games like the Final Fantasy series are NOT an RPG due to their very linear nature, despite what the combat statistics and the number crunching say. Any tabletop gamer will tell you, more numbers does not make a better system. Ask any of them why games like Dungeons and Dragons are more popular than systems like GURPS, or ask them how storytellers have the final say in how rules work or numbers come into effect depending on how they feel it will effect the story or flow of the story or just how much of a dick they want to be that day.

The numbers do not make an RPG. They never have. Ever. The story makes an RPG, and the choices made within the story. Only in the video gaming community is there this odd disparity where a lot of people just don't seem to know what "RPG" means.

And for the record, "RPG Elements" in games like God of War refers to you picking WHICH stats to increase. It refers to the CHOICES. Not the stats themselves.