BioWare role-playing game Mass Effect 2 has a survey for every planet and star in the game. Here's a snippet about Yamm:

With over 90 percent of its surface covered in oceans, Yamm is a habitable nitrogen-oxygen world, but its extremes can be quite hostile to sapient life. The heat from its extremely long days reaches dangerous levels ranging from 24 Celsius at night to 53 in the afternoon in the temperate zones.


Its extremes can be quite hostile to sapient life? We know this is talking about the temperate ares, but really? At night, 24 Celsius sounds just cozy, and as reader Shinryoma points out, it's not uncommon for places like Saudi Arabia to record temps of 53.

But if you are sitting in BioWare's Edmonton, Canada offices, 54 Celsius sure seems "hostile" to sapient life, but in Saudi Arabia, that's just called "summertime". Though, Edmonton's -20 Celsius winter days probably seems down right belligerent to those living in warmer climates.

Yamm has a population of half a million, so the climate can't be that terrible. And surely nobody is taking the planet codex seriously — especially after this.

Oh, and one more thing. America? Use the metric system. Please.