After Shepard died in the beginning of Mass Effect 2, his blue-skinned friend Liara T'Soni fought a desperate battle to recover his body from the mysterious Shadow Broker. Now it's time to settle the score.

Detailed in the Mass Effect 2 comic book series from Dark Horse, Liara went through hell to recover Commander Shepard's remains from the mysterious information broker known as the Shadow Broker, delivering them to Cerberus, where our hero was eventually reconstituted.


Now that the universe has been saved once again and Commander Shepard has recovered from that nasty death, he's teaming up with Liara once more in order to repay the Shadow Broker for its hospitality.

Specifics-wise, all we know is the DLC is "coming soon," but we do have these lovely screenshots to share with you.

It's great to see Liara back in action, isn't it?


Official Mass Effect Website [BioWare - Thanks Akomander!]

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