Mask Specialty Shop Opens In Japan

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When people in Japan buy masks, then typically shop at drug stores, purchasing disposable ones. But increasingly, clothing retailers have been offering washable ones and now there’s even a mask specialty store that just sells masks.


This week opened in Tokyo, selling over 200 different types of masks for prices ranging from 500 yen (under $5) to even an eye-watering 100,000 yen (under $940). also launched an online store as well.

Specialty shops aren’t that unusual in Japan and masks were already popular in the country. But with the increasing demand during the pandemic, a mask shop seems overdue.

Apparently, the bricks-and-mortar shop has been drawing lines, which brings back memories of earlier this year in Japan when mask shortages caused people to line up in front of drugstores.


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One wonders how effective a washable mask really is, especially after a wash - or indeed several.

The function of HEPA filters rely on teensy tiny holes, and wear of the material probably clogs some of them and enlarges others.