After Fainting At Gym, Masahiro Sakurai Reminds Fans To Prioritize Their Health

Screenshot: Nintendo

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has written about working out in his regular column in Weekly Famitsu. One reader sent in a question asking Sakurai if he’s also careful about what he eats. After a recent, momentary blackout at the gym, it sounds like he needs to be and probably should be better hydrated and rested.

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“Working out is a pain but sure is important,” Sakurai replied. “Health takes the most precedent over everything else,” Sakurai continued. The game creator added that because he has been restricting carbohydrates somewhat, he might have lost muscle mass.

“Thus, the other after day after going to the gym for the first time in a while, I blacked out in the bathing area, losing consciousness for a few seconds and consequently falling down.”


The water can get hot in the bathing or shower areas at gyms, so that might have caused him to become dizzy.

“This bad situation was the combination of being tired and dehydrated, and that’s very dangerous and something I need to be careful of...” Hopefully, he will! He needs to make sure he’s getting enough energy from his food while staying hydrated and rested.


Sakurai has been extremely open about his health, discussing the long hours he works, his shoulder pain and stomach problems.


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