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The story behind Halo's most famous Spartan, Master Chief, is ready to be (re)told in comic book form this September. Marvel Comics will adapt Eric Nylund's bestselling novel prequel to Halo: Reach as part of a "graphic fiction event."


Halo: Fall of Reach "Boot Camp #1" is no mere comic book. It's graphic fiction and sequential art, a co-production between Marvel and Halo brand watchers 343 Industries. It will retell the story of John-117, the young boy who not only casts a mean shadow but is indoctrinated into the Spartan program and battles the Covenant threat in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Writer Brian Reed and artist Felix Ruiz will handle creative duties on the Halo book, apparently "a great place to jump on board," according to Marvel.


The Halo: Fall of Reach comic will drop sometime this September, right around the time Halo: Reach makes its way to the Xbox 360.

Marvel Comics to Adapt "The Fall of Reach" This September []

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