Marvel and LEGO enthusiast autorazr has a mission: To recreate as many custom Marvel superheroes in LEGO form as possible. This includes characters from different timelines and universes, characters wearing their old and their new costumes. Villains that will probably never get their own set. So basically everyone.

He shared most of his work in a gigantic gallery of more than 100 minifigures, from which we collected some highlights below. But be sure to check out the whole thing. It's full of surprises.

Hydra Agents with Baron Strucker and Baron Zemo

Jubilee and Shogo


The Blob (I see what you did here...)



Scott Summers

Cable and Hope


Dr. Nemesis

The Sinister Six

90s X-Men

60s X-Men

Hobgoblin (this one's so cool)

New Mutants



The Orb

Psylocke and Fantomex

Cloak & Dagger

Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood

The Runaways

X-Force (Dennis Hopeless version)

Avengers Arena

Thanos with the Infinity Gems

Bone Claws Logan

Purist Custom Superheroes by autorazr [imgur, via Eurobricks]

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