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Marvel Snap, Please Let My Opponents See Me Talk Smack After Matches

The card-battler has emojis, but you can't guarantee your enemies will see them post-win

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Galactus in Marvel Snap
Let me torture my foes in Marvel Snap, please.
Photo: Second Dinner/Kotau

It’s only been 24 hours since I started playing Marvel Snap, and like everyone else who tries their hand at the free-to-play card battler, I am completely enamored by it. It’s simple, it’s colorful, it’s free—and it offers ample opportunity for you to act like a total asshole in matches without ever having to speak a word. But sometimes, after a win, all I want to do is speak a word–or several.

When my opponent snaps (doubling their bet that they’ll beat me) and I snap back and win, or when I correctly guess what move they’re going to make and stack my locations to circumvent that, I want to be able to rub it in their stupid little face. Marvel Snap doesn’t really give me that luxury.


Players can communicate via rudimentary, comic book-style zingers like, “I don’t believe you,” and, “What just happened?!” or throw a Deadpool emote up near their icons, but it’s not enough. There could be more emotes, more zingers, more chances to be a little bit annoying, a little bit Star-Lordy, if you catch my drift.


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Technically, it’s possible to back up and look at the board after you win a match and throw out an emote. I’m not sure most players know you can do that, and the game’s UI is designed so that the glowing “collect rewards” button beckons you forward. The best time to throw a little barb at an enemy’s retreating back is at the end of the match, and since the lobby doesn’t immediately close (you need to select “collect rewards” to back out), it should be more clear that you can hang out and gloat for a moment.

Marvel Snap should also give us more phrases to throw out there; imagine how angry you’d make an enemy player if you dropped a “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” after sweeping the board? And if you’re really feeling bold, Second Dinner, give me a chance to type a quick little “ez” in a chat box like I’m playing Overwatch 2. There aren’t any phrases that feel specific to post-match interactions, even if players stuck around. But if you don’t want to participate in the back-and-forth, you can get out of there faster than Quicksilver, and leave me to emote into the abyss.


Maybe this desire to taunt with emotes or gloat in my own words is just a symptom of an FPS player entering the card battling space. This genre is fairly new to me, and in the day or so since I downloaded it, I’ve found myself mumbling taunts and curses under my breath while on the couch, in the subway, or at my desk.

It’s not like the Marvel Snap devs didn’t add some form of taunting and playfulness into the game—when utilized correctly during a match, a Deadpool emote can send me into a frothing rage. And since the creator of the game also doubles down on the ‘dickwad’ behavior (see the link above), let’s give players a proper chance to engage in some playful ribbing after the dust has settled and the cubes have been exchanged.