Marvel Heroes Is A Great Place To Work Out Your Post-Daredevil Season Two Frustrations

Season two of Netflix’s Daredevil is here, and oh now it’s gone. Those 13 episodes went fast. If you need a little more Matt Murdock in your life, free-to-play action MMO Marvel Heroes is giving out free Murdock all weekend long.

Gazillion’s Diablo-meets-Marvel Comics joint has been one of my favorite download, play, delete, repeat games over the past couple of years, and its Daredevil season two celebration is an excellent example of why I keep doing that to myself. I finished episode 13 of the second season last night, and now I need more. Marvel Heroes has more, and at the right price.


Players who log into the game today and tomorrow score a free hero token to unlock the Man Without Fear. And this isn’t some shoddy old launch day Man Without Fear. This is the sexy updated edition.

The new model certainly wears the television costume well.

Note: The TV costume costs extra.

The free DD is the best part of an ongoing TV release party in the game. Other features include 200 percent experience for all characters through Thursday the 24th, 50 percent bonus experience for Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Iron Fist, a special event featuring tons of Hand ninja and two new Daredevil achievements. Preorders have also launched for Elektra, who enters the game on March 31.

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play MMO action RPG with plenty of stuff to do without paying a dime. Hit up the game’s website to sign-up, download, play Daredevil for a bit and then go back when Civil War comes out.

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