Marvel At China's Own Iron Man Type Movie

Gif: 機甲戰神孫悟空

Sure, Iron Man 3 was filmed partly in China, but that’s still a Marvel movie and an American superhero. Tomorrow, the country is releasing its own movie inspired one of its greatest heroes, revamped with an Iron Man-style suit.

This is Armored Warfare God: Sun Wukong. Also known as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong is one of the classic characters of Chinese legend and lore.


Not only is Sun Wukong the main character in one of China’s greatest works Journey to the West, but he also inspired and spawned Goku in Dragon Ball.

Now, the Sun Wukong character has been reworked for modern Chinese cinema audiences, complete with an Iron Man type suit, monkey motif mask and questionable CGI. It certainly does not appear connected with Marvel!

As ET Today reports, the reaction online in China has been harsh, with Marvel fans calling out the filmmakers.

Screenshot: 東森新聞 CH51
Screenshot: 東森新聞 CH51

Chinese language media has been quick to point out obvious similarities with the Iron Man movies.

Armored Warfare God: Sun Wukong comes out tomorrow in China.

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