Mars First Logistics Looks Very Cool

Build a little robot truck like a LEGO set, then drive it around Mars

Mars First Logistics
Image: Mars First Logistics

Mars First Logistics is an upcoming game by Australian developer Ian MacLarty. The first thing you’ll probably notice is how nice it looks with that crisp, clean art style.


Now watch the trailer below and get to the very familiar-looking part where you get to build your own little robot trucks. And notice the wobbly cargo and vehicle physics that makes me think—and I’m sorry but I have to be reductive like this—Death Stranding x LEGO.

Here’s the official description:

Mars First Logistics is a physics-based open-world simulation game, where you design, build and control your own mechanical creations to deliver important cargo between colony stations on Mars. Earn credits, unlock new technology, upgrade your vehicle and tame the hostile Martian landscape.

Gah, this looks great. And while not officially related, given the subject matter I’m going to pretend this is a spin-off for Per Aspera, the Mars colonisation game released last year that I loved and which was built entirely on the concept of little robot delivery trucks zipping across the surface of the planet.

It’s coming to Steam sometime in 2022.




I’m sorry but I have to be reductive like this—Death Stranding x LEGO.

Don’t be sorry for that... Be sorry you clearly never got to play with Robotix as a kid, otherwise that would’ve been your go-to instead of LEGO. 😏

The graphics are rad as heck. They look to have hit the celshading sweet spot, achieving a stylized flat-shaded look reminiscent of Josan Gonzalez illustrations.