Mario's Super Picross, Diddy's Kong Quest Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Illustration for article titled iMarios Super Picross/i, iDiddys Kong Quest /iComing To Nintendo Switch Online
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo just announced the latest round of games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and alongside Diddy’s Kong Quest is a nice surprise: Mario’s Super Picross, a game that had previously only been officially released in Japan and then later PAL (Europe + Australasia) territories.

There’s also Peace Keepers and the forever-unfortunately-named SCAT, with everything available on September 23.


Because this is Mario’s Super Picross’s first time out in the US, Nintendo of America even put together a tutorial video for everyone:

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DKC 2 is the best SNES DKC and maybe best in the series. However, it’s influence made the New Super Mario series less fun because it kickstarted the idea for Nintendo that if you want to see the whole game, you need to find 3 giant coins in each level. They go out of their way to put some of the coins out of the way. The coins add zero fun, but plenty of tediousness.

Instead of the fun of discovering a secret exit or stumbling across a key like in Super Mario World it became “I missed the second coin in this level so I have to go back into the area between the first and third coin.” There’s no sense of exploration, it’s just an obligatory chore.