Nintendo's put Mario in games, tons of games. And back in the day (man, I hate that phrase), they put him in cartoons and a crummy live-action movie, too. And with an Animal Crossing feature animated film hitting Japanese movie theaters last year, that might mean Nintendo is thinking of doing a Mario movie. Er, no says the character's voice actor Charles Martinet:

I would absolutely love it, if they did that. I don't anticipate that, though, becauseā€¦ Mr. Miyamoto is a genius, he really knowsā€¦ not only the ins and outs of the entertainment value of Mario, and these characters that he createsā€¦ but he knows sort of what he wants to do with them. I don't think he really wants to create a cartoon series for TV or otherā€¦ DVDs, or that sort of thing, because the value for him is in the gamesā€¦ I think. You know, I can't really speak for him. But you know, if he changes his mind and he says "You know something? I want to make a cartoon," I'll be jumping up and down.

Hopefully saying "It'sa me" over and over and over again. Charles Martinet Celebrates 15 Years of Wario with Kombo [Kombo via Go Nintendo] [Pic]