Filmmaker Andrew McMurry has posted this updated version of his last "Real Life Super Mario Bros". In the last version, Mario, played by McMurry's brother, finds himself up against a group of famous Mario enemies, eventually getting a "power-up" handgun and blowing away a bunch of poor defenseless Goombas.

That was a funny joke! This time around, the video plays things a bit closer to canon (so to speak), with a host of updated baddies and some great fire-effects. McMurry told Kotaku that it only took a couple of hours to shoot the thing, followed by about a week of editing and special-effect building. Impressive!

Fun fact: The placeholders for the 3D objects were originally doghouses.

McMurry has also made some fun 'real-life' versions of other games, including Metal Slug, Bulletstorm, Modern Warfare, and Minecraft, which I especially enjoyed.