Mario, Tetris Turned Into Robots That Serve You Drinks

Roboexotica - a festival held in Austria where people build robots that mix you cocktails - is just the kind of event we can get behind. Especially when it also involves Mario & Tetris.

Reader Kyle, an entrant in the exhibit, sent us in these two videos of his creations. One, above, is a game of Mario, hacked so that your actions on-screen determine the kind of drink the robot will pour you. The other, below, is the same deal, only this time, it's Tetris.


So, yes, to recap: robot bartenders that play video games. We've never wanted to live somewhere closer to Vienna in our lives.


[Nonpolynomial Labs Roboexotica Projects]

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Seriously? A festival just for robots that serve beer? Sounds like a waste of time that could been put to good use.... for making sex bots.