Mario & Sonic To Meet Again, This Time In Canada

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Fewer titles epitomise the gulf in potential and delivery on the Wii more than Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. I mean...Mario and Sonic? Together? With motion-sensing? How did this game end up rubbish?


Who knows. All that matters is that it did. Though...actually, that not even that matters, since the game sold millions and millions of copies, and was one of the biggest titles of the year in Europe.

Since it sold millions, and since Sega picked up the rights to the upcoming Winter Olympics, it's with a certain degree of expectation that we learn today a sequel to the game is on the way, planned for release around the time of the 2010 games in Vancouver.

No word on which sports will be covered, but if there's one bright spot to the whole deal, it's that there's the potential with the Winter Olympics for the developers to cover some of the more unique sports, like the biathlon, or curling.

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Two words: Speed Skating

I can imagine that being a whole lot of fun, wih well timed, rowing-like movement on the wiimote+nunchuck. Wii Fit board support anyone?