Mario Kart Wii Has A Golden Week

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Surprise! For the fifth week in a row, Mario Kart Wii finishes first on Media Create's weekly software sales chart. Japanese gamers snapped up another 107K copies of the kart racer as new releases were put on hold for the week. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G continues to settle for second place, with Wii Fit officially passing the 2 million mark overseas. While we've seen a healthy mix of platforms on the charts over the past few months, for the week of May 5 to 11, it's simply saturated with Wii and Nintendo DS titles.


Bear down for even more sales fun throughout the day as the NPD Group releases U.S. sales data for the number starved masses. The list continues after the break.

1. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - 107,000 / 1,227,000
2. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP) - 82,000 / 1,992,000
3. Wii Fit (Wii) - 53,000 / 2,039,000
4. Link's Crossbow Training (Wii) - 49,000 / 141,000
5. Meccha! Taiko Drum Master DS: 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken (DS) - 34,000 / 133,000
6. Pokémon Ranger Batonage! (DS) - 27,000 / 535,000
7. Deca Sports (Wii) - 22,000 / 207,000
8. Wii Sports (Wii) - 21,000 / 2,979,000
9. Boura wa Kaseki Holder (DS) - 17,000 / 102,000
10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) - 16,000 / 1,620,000


11. Wii Play (Wii)
12. Mario Kart DS (DS)
13. DS Bimoji Training (DS)
14. Tottado! Yowiko no Mujintou Seikatsu (DS)
15. Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
16. Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin (PS2)
17. Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Fate of Heat (DS)
18. Mario Party DS (DS)
19. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
20. Naruto Shippuuden Shinobi Retsuden 2 (DS)
21. Yattaman DS: Bikkuridokkiri Daisakusen da Koron (DS)
22. Emblem of Gundam (DS)
23. Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 (PS2)
24. Crayon Shinchan Arashi wo Yobu Cinema Land (DS)
25. Zaidan Houjin Nippon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Koushiki Soft: 250-Mannin no KanKen (DS)
26. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS)
27. SimCity DS 2: Kodaikara Mirai e Tsudzukumachi (DS)
28. Brain Age 2 (DS)
29. Taiko Drum Master DS (DS)
30. Animal Crossing Wild World (DS)

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@skrame ☆: I played the game and I think its not only a bad Mario Kart game but generally not that good of a game overall. It isn't like I'm the only one who feels this way. The scores on Gamerankings are a mixed bag including mainly the Cs given by EGM that were very critical of many aspects of the game. Including some lackluster courses, the inclusions of some pointless characters and the frustrations of mainly sound effects.

With the Mario name behind it many would feel that this is an average game at best and the only good it will serve is to push the Nintendo online in the right direction.

While you may feel its a solid game many don't think it is nor think it would be selling this much if Mario's face wasn't plastered on the cover.