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True Horror Is Mario Kart x Resident Evil's Camera Angles

This does not make it very easy to drive around the track

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Mario Kart slidin
Screenshot: MrL314

The original Mario Kart isn’t the easiest game in the series, especially if you weren’t raised on its Mode 7-induced peculiarities, but that’s a relative thing. It’s fine, it’s still easy to look at, it’s easy to play, that’s why they’re still selling trillions of copies of Mario Kart games to this day.

But ah, what if you changed a single thing about it. What if you kept everything else the same but swapped out the top screen’s behind-the-driver viewpoint for...a succession of static camera angles, ala the old Resident Evil games.


It looks like this, and it looks like hell.


This was made by SNES (and Mario Kart in particular) hacker MrL314, and my absolute favourite thing about it isn’t the jarring horror of the angles themselves, but the fact that zero concessions have been made to show where the player is. You just gotta remember that you’re (in this case) Mario and hope for the best (which explains why the AI drivers are so calm about this while in every fresh cut you can see Mario hilariously sliding around like this was an ice track).

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