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Super Mario Mech-er

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Toy customizer Donald “kodykoala” Kennedy cut a giant Mario figure in half and used push pin ‘rivets’ to transform him into a massive metal monster. Mario’s sacrifice was not in vain.

The folks at my local GameStop were trying to get rid of one of these massive plastic plumbers for a year. Every time I went in they’d suggest I buy it. Now I’m kinda bummed I didn’t, though honestly I lack the time and skill to pull something like this off.


There’s something incredibly amusing to me to see Yoshi going at Mario’s guts with a wrench.


The detail here is amazing, from the blackwashed grimy look of all of the characters to the tiny warning signs.

Princess Peach wishes her pilot paramore luck as he heads off to battle the mighy Bowser Bot.


Meanwhile, off in a corner somewhere . . .


That’s just cold, Donald.

Check out the flickr gallery for a better look at all the work that went into makeing a $25 plastic Mario toy into something spectacular.


Thanks to Cartoonivore for a much better headline than Mario is Mech-ing.

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