Mario Creator's Priority Is Entertainment, Not Online

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To say Nintendo lags behind Microsoft and Sony when it comes to online gaming is an understatement. Want to know why? It's because the Japanese company's priorities lie with entertaining everyone.


"It is often said that Nintendo was rather late in advancing into the network world", Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto told The Economist. "Actually we simply wanted to take sufficient time to make it a proper business, and make it as comfortable an environment as possible for consumers."

"Of course, we have Mario Kart, which can be played online by multiple people. So we are gradually expanding the experiences using the internet, but my own personal focus is to try to entertain people, even if they are not connected to the internet. That is my first priority."

So what happens when everyone is comfortable gaming on the internet? "I think it is obvious that when everyone is connected online, there will be enormous opportunity for me to create something really unique."

Unique be damned, I think most people would just be happy with a true Animal Crossing MMO.

Nintendo's gaming guru on the recession, innovation and the Wii [The Economist] [image credit: jandruff]



Maybe they should really start to dabble in the online market now, ready for the next generation.

Yeah, online hasn't hurt Nintendo at all this generation. But how will that effect next gen?

I can't imagine that they would be able to create another gem of a feature like they did with the Wii this time around.

I would also expect that alot of those who did buy a Wii (the 'casual' market) would not be so quick to snap up a more expensive HD model next time. Just on the influence of the Wii. The would still be happy with what they have.

Nintendo should look to expand there market to online to sure up there next product, I wouldn't think that they could rely on the success of this one to be certain that the next one will be as big.

Do they innovate again? How do they? Will it be as cheap?

They're are my major concerns. Yeah the Wii was big, and the handheld side of Nintendo is always strong. But without something, they called lose some of the potential install base for their next generation product.

Both the 64 and Cube were beaten in the market. So it wouldn't be the first time that it would happen.

Who knows, next generation, Nintendo may be the new Sony. They may have there new product, but they will have to stick with a lot of dedication to their previous console until things start to pick up.

Maybe all this means nothing and Miyamoto and co. have another ace up their sleeve. But if they don't, I think it would be a sound choice to try and build up an aspect of gaming that has become the norm for most gamers. Hardcore or casual (I hate those terms but I needed them...).

I guess it's 'watch this space' time. Considering how perssitant Nintendo have been with there 'No HD Wii'. There has to be something.