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MapleStory Oozes Its Sweet, Sticky Goodness All Over Facebook

Illustration for article titled emMapleStory/em Oozes Its Sweet, Sticky Goodness All Over Facebook

Admit it, you've been playing Nexon's adorable side-scrolling MMO MapleStory for years, hiding your age behind your joyously big-headed avatar. It's time to finally share your secret passion with the world via Facebook's MapleStory Adventures.


The next exciting chapter in the story of Maple World will be broadcast on your Facebook wall for all the world to see. MapleStory Adventures combines the action role-playing game elements of the original MapleStory with the social networking of Facebook, giving players the ability to recruit their friends directly into whatever fruit-fetching quest they may be on at the moment. We could all use a little action in our Facebook games; there is no shame in this.

Well, not much shame. At least now the kids you're playing with will be able to see how old you really are, sicko.


"MapleStory Adventures represents one of Nexon's top priorities of bringing our most popular games to the biggest audiences," said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. "The game brings a whole new action RPG element to the Facebook space, a genre that hasn't been widely explored on the social gaming platform."

The MapleStory Adventures open beta kicks off at 7PM Eastern, so you have plenty of time to work up a fake Facebook profile to use specifically in the game. You'll never pass as 14 with that grey beard.

Illustration for article titled emMapleStory/em Oozes Its Sweet, Sticky Goodness All Over Facebook

MapleStory Adventures on Facebook [Facebook]

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I...had no idea there was any pride involved in the idea of playing Maple Story past 20? The game is horribly outdated, but it's cute, and I still like playing it. Like I give a shit what people think of it. This is video games, folks. I don't use gaming as a ruler for measuring my penis.

Because a ruler would be much too short.