Map Mod Turns Grand Theft Auto V Into Mario Kart

Mod-master MrVicho13 basically took the entire N64 Yoshi Valley course from Mario Kart 8 and dropped it into Grand Theft Auto V, because he could.


Those iconic textures? They were ripped from Mario Kart 8 by a Mr. Ray Koopa (probably his real name). MrVicho13 then converted, optimized and tweaked them. Then he wrapped them in a bow and made them available for download for any Grand Theft Auto V PC player to enjoy. By themselves, as multiplayer mods like this are not a thing that can be done.

Good old DayL captured the magic in a YouTube vid of the mod in action.

I would have picked a better course, but then I do not have the skills necessary to put a chunk of one game into a completely different game. MrVicho13 has more maps on the way, so maybe your favorite will show up eventually.

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It’s really a shame. Rockstar is holding back GTAV from being legendary on PC by locking down so hard on multiplayer stuff.