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The Japanese video game enthusiast went shopping this week, buying more hardware than last week. There were no major shake-ups, but at least the PSPgo is selling back in the thousands.


Well, the thousand. After dipping below the 1K mark for a couple weeks, the PlayStation Portable is selling almost as well as the PlayStation 2. The PSP still sits atop the chart as the PS3 and Wii battle for second place. The overall winner, once again, is the DS platform, which combines for more than 29,000 units sold this week. Every platform was up this week, with the exception of the Xbox 360.


Media Create's numbers are below.

  • PSP - 25,054
  • PlayStation 3 - 20,987
  • Wii - 20,476
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 16,267
  • Nintendo DSi - 10,324
  • Xbox 360 - 3,546
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 2,961
  • PlayStation 2 - 1,463
  • PSP go - 1,232

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