Manly Men Show You How To Be A Real Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja, the bestselling fruit slicing game for the iPhone, iPad and Android, is better played on a touchscreen than with a razor sharp knife in each hand. For video proof, we present two attempts at real life fruit ninjutsu.

Luckily, no shirtless man was seriously harmed during the making of these Fruit Ninja videos. Only one painful looking welt to the softer of the two bellies is suffered. Even then, we must stress that having cantaloupes and apples pitched at your person while dual-wielding knives is not something you should try at home.

The flowers simply aren't worth the risk.

Both videos feature some moderate shirtlessness and maybe some exposed American flag underwear, which could be considered NSFW. But you know what they say: No shirt, no shoes, no surrender.


Thanks, JimJam707!

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Should have used this guy.