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Manga Coming to Japanese Wii

Illustration for article titled Manga Coming to Japanese Wii

The New York Times is reporting that four of Japan's biggest manga publishers have formed a joint venture with an unnamed software company to bring digital versions of their comics to the Wii. Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha and Shogakukan formed Librica earlier this month and plan to drop their comics on the Wii Ware channel. The newly formed company also plans to bring their comics to the DS. Hopefully, they'll allow you to transfer purchased comics from one to the other. No timing or price were mentioned in the short Times piece. It also doesn't address whether the service will be coming to the U.S. as well. Digital Comics Coming to the Wii in Japan [New York Times]


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Hmm... this sounds like it's got some potential to be pretty cool, though that would also depend on the selection of manga they have available. More than having it on the Wii, though, having the manga available on the DS would be for portability's sake, even if "portability" just means I can walk around or lay on the couch and read it. Having this service on the PSN for PS3/PSP compatibility would be a nice step to take, as well.

Oh, and make this available outside of Japan, please!