The World Cup Is The Perfect Time For (New) Classic Football Games

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FIFA may dominate the football game market these days, but there once was a time when people's tastes were simpler, and more arcade in nature. Pixel Soccer speaks to that time.


First revealed earlier this year, a Kickstarter is now up for the game, and with World Cup madness sweeping the globe, there's probably no better time to see if people want to pay for the privilege of a new game that wants to be just like old classics like Sensible Soccer.

The gameplay footage certainly looks promising, with a very fast and arcade-y style to things, but I think I like the pixel art even better, especially how the low resolution makes "paying tribute" to actual kits and teams possible.


The developers are promising more than big heads and fast football, though, with plans for a full transfer system, player creation and loads of "character" animations and gags like kicking water bottles and arguing with the ref.

Interestingly, it sounds like they've got a lot of the nuts and bolts down in the game already, and one of the big reasons they're asking for money is to cover the costs (in labour time) to hand-animate all the "famous" players they want to include in the game.

Given the caricatures they've already done look so damn good, that's a worthy cause.


Pixel Soccer [Kickstarter]

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