How much would you spend to try and win a new Kinect? $10? $20? If your answer is $2,600, you are probably Henry Gribbohm, a New Hampshire man who says he lost his life savings trying to win the motion-sensing Xbox accessory.

Gribbohm, who went to a carnival and sat down at one of those clearly-rigged games in an attempt to snag a Kinect—which typically retails for $100 or so—told WBZ-TV that he spent $300 on the game, lost, went home, got another $2,300, and spent it all. He did not win an Xbox Kinect.


He did win a banana. (Pictured above.)

Gribbohm claims the contest was rigged—and he's filed a police report, according to WBZ-TV—but, really, $2,600? Come on, dude.

(via Gawker)