[Image: Weibo via NetEase]

Who knows, maybe at least she liked the film.

One of China’s biggest sites NetEase (via ShanghaiIst) reports that on Warcraft’s opening day in Fuzhou, one moviegoer was spotted with a love doll. According to ShanghaiIst, the images have gone viral in China. Major sites like China News have also covered the incident.

[Images: Weibo via NetEase]

The man apparently purchased two tickets, and both wore “For the Horde!” t-shirts. Online in China, however, one wondered why he didn’t get her a pair of 3D glasses, while another pointed out that he was kind enough to let her have the aisle seat.

Another report on NetEase added that many people took photos of the man and his date and that while the sight of this couple was atypical to say the least, there were those online who said people shouldn’t be critical.


You know what people should be critical of? The Warcraft movie, that’s what.

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