Man Stuffs Xbox Down Pants, Cops Taser His Ass

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Stories involving video games and crime can sometimes be sad. Or shocking. Thankfully, this is neither. It's hilarious.


Last week a 23 year-old man by the name of Timothy Joseph Mandes applied for a job at his local Best Buy in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. When he was turned down, instead of leaving, he promptly walked to the games section, pulled an Xbox 360 console out of its box and stuffed it down his pants.

This was picked up by the store's security cameras, so two days later, police knocked on Mandes' door to arrest him. Instead of quietly going with them, he attempted to escape and got into a scuffle with the officers, who promptly tased his ass.


Police: After turned down for job, man steals Xbox [The Morning Call, thanks Bard!]

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