Man Spends Four Years Making Gundam Diorama And The Result Is Amazing

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What have you done during the past four years? Twitter user Mannen Factory spent it making an incredible Gundam diorama.

The award-winning model maker recently uploaded images of the completed diorama, which he’s titled, “Decisive Battle - Space Fortress Solomon.” The project took almost half a decade, with Mannen Factory writing on Twitter, “To be honest, I wondered how long I’d be doing this.”


Check out these details:

I’ve seen a lot of Gundam dioramas over the years, and this is one of the most impressive.


You can also check out Mannen Factory’s YouTube page and follow him on Twitter for more incredible Gundam models.

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Simply majestic. Man do I want to get into Gundam from the beginning of the beginning. But I have zero patience regarding tracking it all down. So I’ll just remain a fan from afar.