Man, Panzer Paladin Rocks. Big Fan.

I know I’m entering into territory that my respected colleague Ethan Gach has already tread, but I just have to say my piece: Panzer Paladin rocks, and I wanted to do my part as the site’s video gremlin to show this baby in action.

In the video above, I break down why exactly I’m digging this retro platformer. If you’ve never heard of the game, the gist is that it’s a weapon-based platformer in the vein of Megaman and Zelda II: The Legend of Link.


The basic plot: The occult is real, and the world is being invaded by magic weapons from space that seek to destroy the earth as we know it. In the process, several monsters, cryptids and ancient deities have come back, and it’s your job to kick their asses as an android driving a big ass mech.

I’m a huge fan of the combat system that revolves around breakable weapons, the killer soundtrack, as well as the ability to forge custom weapons in the blacksmith mode. Check out this cool sword I made:


You can pick up Panzer Paladin right now on Nintendo Switch and Steam. I recommend you do, because it’s good as hell, man.

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Is there anything you’d consider ‘mature’ or too violent for a young kid? Considering letting my son (almost 6) try this out to get a feel for this type of 2D sidescroller. Looks way fun.