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Man Mistakenly Beaten For Playing Mobile Games On Bus

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mobile games are great; they allow people to game pretty much everywhere. From gaming during the daily commute to gaming while waiting for the bus, mobile games can enrich people's daily lives. Sadly, for one man in China, the joys of playing mobile games had lead to an undeserved beating.

According to China's GuangMing Daily, a young man was beaten in Jilin, the capital city of Shandong province, for playing on his phone while riding the bus.


The young man, who is unnamed, was casually minding his own business playing on his mobile phone. He got on the number 45 bus and continued to play his game. According to the bus driver, Mr. Liu, after a short period of time there was a loud commotion on the bus.

"I turned around to see what was going on and then I saw a young man being roughed up by a another man and young lady standing to the side," said Liu.

The bus driver stopped the bus and proceeded to investigate. The young lady in question told the bus driver that the young man had been taking pictures of her with his smartphone ever since he got on the bus. The young woman had called the young man a pervert and another bus rider took to her aid and started to beat on the young man.


"There are still seats in the back and he's standing so close to me," said the young woman. "His phone kept going 'click, click, click', he's a pervert".

The young man tried to tell his attacker that he was too busy with his game to take pictures of the girl.

"I was into my game," said the young man. "I didn't even notice that seats had opened up."

The young man was able to prove his innocence by showing his phone, which really had no photos of the girl, to the bus driver and the young woman. He even showed that the same clicking sounds came from the mobile game he was playing. Sadly, he was beaten before he could prove his innocence.


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