Man Makes Up For Never Collecting A Charizard Pokémon Card As A Kid

Back in the good old days, everybody knew that Charizard was the only Pokémon card that really mattered. The unspoken understanding among Pokémon fans was that if you didn’t have a holographic Charizard, your card collection was shit.


Sorry, it’s true!

Not everyone was lucky enough to actually have a holographic Charizard, however. In the video below, rapper Jme recounts how, as a kid, he just couldn’t get his hands on a holographic Charizard, no matter what he did. That was then, though.

Now as an adult, Jme has made a career for himself as an MC, and last year, he proposed a deal to his fans. He was willing to trade a shiny gold disc version of his latest album for people’s old Charizard cards, and it seems that folks actually took him up on that offer! Now he’s got a ton of holographic Charizards to his name, which is pretty amazing.


If I were Jme, I wouldn’t stop until I had enough Charizard cards to fill an entire swimming pool. I wouldn’t stop until I could literally swim in Charizard cards, because fuck that kid that wouldn’t trade him that mangled-ass card back in the day. Then I’d probably set the entire Charizard card pool on fire and laugh maniacally, because this fantasy is now getting away from me.

Ahem. Holographic Charizard is the best. The end.

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