Man Makes Godzilla-Themed Armor Costume

Image for article titled Man Makes Godzilla-Themed Armor Costume
Photo: Salvador Hernandez (Facebook)

Earlier this month, Mexico City-based cosplayer Salvador Hernandez unveiled his kaiju armor costume. It’s fantastic.


The original kaiju armor design was created by artist Bat Zemo. Hernandez, who’s only been crafting costumes for about two years, used that for the basis of his outfit.

“From there I took the design for my Godzilla armor [and] even contacted them to inform them that I would make a cosplay of one of their models and apparently they also liked the result,” Hernandez wrote on Facebook.

Bat Zemo was impressed.

No wonder because the costume sure turned out great!





It’d be pretty cool to see this modded into Skyrim. It reminds me strongly of the Daedric armor set...or maybe Dragonbone/Dragonscale armor.