Man Lights 100 Cigarettes In Internet Cafe, Gets Arrested

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Screenshot: UBCUHDTV

South Korean news reports that a 20-something man has been arrested after lighting up around 100 cigarettes in the smoking room at an internet café.


According to The Korea Times, the suspect opened seven packs of cigarettes. He then began lighting, smoking them with both hands, and throwing the butts on the floor. Smoke began coming out of the partitioned smoking room, alarming other customers.

“I thought the store was burning,” the internet café owner is quoted as saying. “I was so frightened that I called the police because I thought he was here to set a fire.”

The incident made the TV news.

When the police arrived on the scene, the suspect, who its reported is allegedly known to use the café without paying, said that he was filming a YouTube video. The Korea Times adds that the police are looking into charging him with trespassing and obstruction of a business.


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