You know it, you love it. Starbucks. Or maybe you hate it. The coffee chain is everywhere. And at one shopping mall in China, a knock-off Starbucks sign has a memorable name.

Note: This article might contain content some readers find offensive. Others might be amused.

Starfucks. That's right, Starfucks.

As People's Daily Online, Xinhuanet, and TheNanfang point out, the sign was spotted at a vacant retail space in Sichuan. There isn't an actual shop below the Starfucks sign (bummer!), but the mall owner has put up phoney brand names in hopes of attracting prospective retailers to open up. Once the spaces are rented, these signs will be removed.


Similar signs have previously popped up at vacant Chinese malls, but these latest ones are appearing on mainstream Chinese news sites.

The other faux signs are rather tame—like 7-Elenev, KFL, or Adadis.

But Starfucks, man, Starfucks. And this isn't even the first Starfucks, as another placeholder sign popped up a few years back.

It's unclear as to whether the building's owner knows about this latest one—I'm guessing not, because the Chinese above it, 墨巴克, reads "mo ba ke," while Starbucks is written as 星巴克 or "xing ba ke." But, somewhere, somebody knows. And they're laughing their fucking ass off.

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四川郫县雷人商业街:抬头见"德克土"低头见"臣屈氏" [ndwww]


Eric Jou contributed to this report.

Top photo: Weibo

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