Man Crawls 600 Feet To Apologize to His Wife

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There are ways to say I'm Sorry. Then, there are ways to say I'm Sorry. This man in Fujian province mastered the later.


In a lane of traffic, the man was kowtowing—he crawled forward and bowed his head to the ground each time.

A crowd gathered to see what the man, whose head was bruised and bloody from kowtowing, was doing. He was lucky a car didn't hit him.


The man refused any help from bystanders as he was begging for forgiveness and planned on crawling over half a mile. According to China's NetEase, a woman on a motorcycle appeared after he crawled over 600 feet and took him away in a taxi. The wife perhaps?

More Pics [ via ChinaSmack]

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"You think you can just come crawling back? Crawling very, very slowly back?"