Man Caught Playing Pokemon Go On Eight Phones In His Car

You know how there’s a warning on Pokemon Go not to play the game while driving? This guy never got the memo, and when he is eventually sent it, needs it sent another seven times, just to be sure.


As The Seattle Times reports, Washington State troopers noticed a car stopped on the shoulder of a busy highway on Tuesday night, and pulled over to see if the driver needed assistance.

Instead, they found him sitting in the driver’s seat holding a foam block, inside which was resting space for eight phones, each of them logged into Pokemon Go.

He wasn’t given a ticket, since the cops technically never saw him driving while playing (even though he had to have been to have known when to pull over), but he was given a warning (for pulling onto a shoulder when it wasn’t an emergency) and told to put the phones in the back seat so that they weren’t distracting him.



Is there money in playing like this? What’s the incentive here?