Man Buys PlayStation 4 From Walmart, Says He Got Two Bags Of Rocks

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A Denver man who purchased a PlayStation 4 bundle from a Stapleton, Colorado Walmart was reportedly surprised to discover two taped sacks of rocks instead of the game console.


We run across one of these almost every holiday season it seems, but sacks of rocks in PlayStation 4 boxes are normally the purview of Craigstlist, not a major retailer. Igor Baksht purchased the PlayStation 4 console last Friday as a present for his 13-year-0ld niece, according to 7News Denver, at which point the store employee who retrieved the unit from a locked case told him the Grand Theft Auto V bundle had previously been returned.

In case you were curious, that moment was the proper time to open up the unit and check the contents. If you ever purchase anything that had already been returned, not opening the box before dropping several hundred dollars is the dumbest thing you can do.

Mr. Baksht instead waited until he had left the store.

"Just to make sure everything was inside, that all the contents were inside, all the games were inside," said Baksht. "When I opened it, I said, 'Oh my God.'

The man also claims the employee who retrieved the unit for him commented on how heavy the box was.

Unable to return the unit to the original store as they had closed for the evening, Baksht took the box of rocks to a 24-hour Walmart and tried to return it there. That went over as one would expect.


On the morning of Saturday, December 20 he attempted to return it to the store it was purchased from, only to be told there was nothing they could do. So he called the store multiple times. He called Walmart's corporate offices. Finally, on Christmas Eve, the store manager called Baksht and told him to come in and get his money back.

The gist of this story is this — at some point, either in the past month or so or just this week, Walmart traded a PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto V bundle, which Igor Baksht figured would be an appropriate gift for a 13-year-old girl, for two bags of rocks. Walmart — Save Money, Live Better.


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Honestly, I probably wouldn't check either, but I'm wondering if it was previously returned but carefully resealed - I've done that (legitimately) because of various reasons. Just carefully replace the sticker, and if the clerk couldnt tell the difference I dont think there would have been any reason to open it