Man Builds Wiimote Theremin, Plays Star Trek Theme

The very definition of 'Neat Hack', Ken Moore shows us his DIY Wiimote Theremin with a virtuoso rendition of a piece traditionally associated with the instrument - the theme from Star Trek. It's not, in actual fact, a real Theremin. Rather than radio frequency oscillations, Ken uses tiny LEDs on the tips of his fingers (hence the gloves) that trigger the Wiimote's infrared sensors. Still damn cool, though and if nothing else takes my dream project of Theremin Hero one step closer to reality. More Wii Theremin Videos [Ken Moore Design]


Another impressive use of the Wiimote. Im sure not even Nintendo could foresee the applications of having a Bluetooth enable Wiimote lying around enginious people like him. I gotta use more Theremin on my songs, too...