Man Builds Insane One-Million-Block Minecraft Pixel Art

1,128,960 blocks to be exact, all placed by hand. Things like this are usually built with a help of a software, converting the art into Minecraft blocks. But not this one.


The creator Thorlar livestreamed the whole process—23 weeks—as he slowly transformed the empty map into the trio of Kerrigan, Diablo and Deathwing.

You can zoom in and out (and search for tiny errors) here.

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Michael Crider

I don’t understand the appeal of this. The art already exists (don’t know if it’s official art or fanart, but it’s been around for a while), putting it in Minecraft over the course of six months just makes a lower-res digital copy in the least efficient way possible.

Then again, I don’t understand the appeal of livestreaming in general. Guess I’m just an old fuddy-duddy... but at least I didn’t spend the last 23 weeks performing the longest copy and paste ever.