Man Bought Fake iPhone. Man Got Angry. Man Killed Two People.

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In China, fake electronics are everywhere. The whole place is packed with them. But increasingly, folks in China don't want to own fakes. They want to own the real deal.


Chinese news is reporting that a man in Henan Province desperately wanted an iPhone; he found what he thought was a real one at a bargain price: 2,000 yuan or (US$330). It wasn't the one he was looking for.

The man later learned it was fake, and he discovered another gang of men selling the same fake phone to a young boy. Angered, the man pulled a butcher knife, and the gang fled. A few days later, the man found the same gang and stabbed two of the men, killing both. A street camera captured the whole horrible incident, and the police captured the killer.


A Cheater Has Been Murdered for Selling Fake iPhone [MICGadget via BetaBeat via GamePolitics]

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people say fake iphone is actually identical to real one except the battery, because people just buy official apple parts from factories and fit them together.