Man Arrested for Selling $19 Worth of Dirty Drawings

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Japanese police recently arrested a 40 year-old illustrator for distributing "obscene material".

This past April, the artist apparently sold three drawings through his homepage for a total of ¥1,500 (US$18.96).

While the original news report does not detail the drawings, it's likely they are explicit, uncensored adult manga drawings, which are legal to own, but illegal to distribute or sell.


Because we all know how damaging drawings can be to society. But the law is the law, so good thing the cops are shaking down artists whose work costs less than ordering a pizza in Japan.

The artist admitted he sold the illicit art, adding, "I wanted the money." All twenty bucks of it. Japan, your tax money at work!

わいせつイラスト3枚 1500円 販売容疑 神戸の男を逮捕 [産経ニュース]

(Top photo: Oliver Hoffmann | Shutterstock)

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He blatantly broke the law. I don't understand why this article gives so much sympathy to him.