Man Arrested For Choking Girlfriend With Wii Controller

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Daniel Alvarez of Austin, Texas has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault after he attempted to strangle his girlfriend with a Wii controller cord, according to police. He's also suspected of eating her cookies.


Christina Alvarado, Alvarez's girlfriend, told police that she was attacked by her boyfriend after a fight, one brought on for possibly the stupidest reasons known to man. She was apparently enraged because the suspect ate her supply of Girl Scout Cookies. He was similarly pissed due to being awakened, only to be given the business about some missing Girl Scout Cookies.

Alvarez was arrested and is being held in a Travis County jail with bail set at $40,000.

Now, because someone lost some sleepy time and someone else a box of Tagalongs, Austin police have a second degree felony charge of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury on their hands. And Alvarez could spend up to 20 years in prison, likely never to get his hands on a Wii remote ever again.

Cause, you know, the fad will be over by then. :\

Man accused of choking girlfriend with Wii controller [Statesman - thanks, Alex!]



I made a comment about the girl running away to pursue a boxing career in Puerto Rico and didn't even see this story. Now this one actually is totally understandable, unlike the "I'm going to go to Puerto Rico to pursue my dream of being a boxer" BS. Now, I'll be on the girl's side if he ate her Samoas cuz those bitches are delicious and I would start a fight over that. Now if it was those stupid peanut butter ones, then that lady needed to be strangled. you don't disturb a man over the cheapest of all Girl Scout cookies.