Man Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Anime Director And Voice Actress

Fukuta Kishimoto, a 21-year-old Kyoto man, has been arrested after allegedly threatening to kill Tatsuki, the anime director best known for Kemono Friends. Kishimoto also allegedly threatened Yui Ishikawa, who did voice work for Kemono Friends 2, as well as an anime production company.

Ishikawa also voices Mikasa in the Attack on Titan anime.

NHK reports that Kishimoto allegedly made violent threats online. According to authorities, comments directed at Tatsuki were made this April on an online bulletin board. Kishimoto also allegedly made arson threats that evoke the Kyoto Animation attack.


After the threats were reported to the police, production on the anime was temporarily suspended for two weeks.

According to FNN, Kishimoto has admitted to making these threats.

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Sparta xoxo

Did they kill off a girl or something? Or is this a random threat kind of dumpster fire of a person?